All is Calm-ish and Bright (Our 2013 Christmas Card Photo)


I didn't expect it to turn out, but this is even better than I dreamed up in my head. Simplicity was key (isn't it always??). The wrapping paper is sort of an inside joke from Thanksgiving -- which makes it even more perfect. We only had one Santa hat, so when Andrew wore it, the balance of the photo was off. Not wanting to postpone our 5-minute photo shoot to go buy another hat, I ran to get the tape. Y'all. Could this more accurately showcase our lives right now?? Even though Creed was having fun, his expression in this shot is too perfect. And Andrew's missing tooth -- I die! I don't know if I'm so thrilled with this because my expectations were so low, but I've decided to have low expectations from now to eternity. I love, love, love it. And the fact that it was made, ordered, and mailed before the middle of January is just icing on the cake. Christmas 2013 is already becoming my very favorite.