Vacation 2016 | Project Life App Album

Last summer we took the boys on their first legit vacation. Living in Germany, most of our vacations (save for a few weekend trips here or there) were spent coming home. Flights from Germany to Texas aren't cheap!

Our destination list was ridiculous. But when we ultimately decided to visit Mark's dad and stepmom in D.C., everything started falling into place. We planned this thing for 6 months (and it was worth it!). 10 full days in New York City (2), Philadelphia (1), and Washington, D.C. (7). If any one of us would have worn a FitBit, it surely would have maxed out every day. The trip was EPIC.

Since we knew it was going to be such a full vacation (and we were going with only 2 carry-ons), I opted to travel with only my iPhone camera. It was the greatest decision! So freeing. 

To keep my photo library from building up, I deleted pictures every single day. At the end of each day, I went through and flagged the keepers and deleted the rest. I knew as much as we planned on doing, I was going to have a massive catalog of images when we got home. There was no need to keep all of them and risk being more overwhelmed. 

Silly me. Overwhelm was inevitable. I had big plans of making a photo book of all our pictures, but even though I culled my images each day, I was still overwhelmed by the mass amount I had accumulated during that time. So naturally I did nothing. 

I put it off for months but finally realized the longer I waited, the harder it would be to do anything with them. I started a few different variations of a photo book. I started to make my own in Photoshop. I started one through Artifact Uprising. I started one in Shutterfly with pre-made templates. But even then, I was simply and completely overwhelmed. 

I've long been a fan of Becky Higgins and her Project Life memory keeping system. I make digital Project Life albums each year, and I have traditional albums in progress with both boys' school papers. I downloaded the Project Life App the day it came out but didn't have any reason to use it. 

Until now. 

I put all of my vacation photos back on my phone and got started. Thanks to a sick day at home in bed last month, I basically completed the album in a day. One day! I didn't use all 1200 photos, but I used a lot. 

Taken with my phone. Scrapbooked on my phone. Technology, I love you. 

I ordered an 8x8 album straight from the app and (im)patiently waited for its arrival. 

GUYS. It is amazing. 

I still flip through it on occasion and love reliving our time away. 

Although we opted to skip the big vacation this summer, I'm already dreaming of our next one. This time I'll scrapbook along the way!