Family Pictures 2018

You would think a photographer would have no problem getting her family in front of the camera at least once a year for Christmas card photos. She certainly knows how important family pictures are. And she could have a lot of fun with wardrobe and location choices, knowing what photographs well and what doesn't.

My track record with our family pictures is spotty. 2009 (before Mark's deployment), 2010 (after Creed was born, before we moved back to Germany), 2014, 2015. I didn't make a big deal about it because I was taking pictures of the boys. Life was being documented.

Getting on the other side of the camera is hard for me. Finding a photographer whose style matches mine is hard. Giving up control is hard.

Even though I take pictures of the boys and our everyday life, our family needed to be photographed together. I could have used a tripod. I could have had my mom press the shutter. But I needed to allow myself the experience of a family photo session. (And I needed to keep my mouth shut when the photographer made decisions I questioned. Yes and amen.)

We just got our photos back from this year's session (3 years after our last one), and I'm reminded of how important it was.

PSA: Get your family in front of a photographer's camera sometime in the near future. Let go of expectations and insecurities. Relax. Smile. It's important.