The Time I Almost Chunked My Camera in a Cornfield

Hashtag: true story. Hashtag: not proud. Hashtag: momtog.

Oh My Em Gee, y'all. With all these thoughts about a possible KWP relaunch, I decided to venture out with my guys for a photo shoot last night. I hadn't taken their birthday pictures (8 and 6 months late), and I wanted to take Andrew's school pictures before school starts (in TEN days...yikes). With Mark home early and a break from rain, we set out.

And the rest of the evening is a blur of frustration and yelling and tears and bribes and threats and...I can't even tell you the rest. It was not one of my better sessions -- if you can even call it that. Had it not been for some spontaneous dancing in the middle of the road, I'm not sure any of us would have survived. Praise God for dance. That turned things around, and we all left happy and on speaking terms.


There are more to share, but I just wanted to say (to myself more than anybody) to CHILL THE EFF OUT. Sure, I wanted beautiful portraits of the boys. But at ages 3 and 5, that's asking for a lot. I wish I had cut them and myself some slack. Perfect doesn't exist on this side of heaven, so I need to stop beating myself up when I don't achieve it. I'm not a lousy photographer because of this no-good-terrible-very-bad session. I'm not a lousy mom for threatening my kids for "JUST ONE STUPID PICTURE" (I'm paraphrasing. There may have been a few more adjectives thrown in there.). It is what it is, and ending the night with some dancing in the road made it pretty fantastic.

Enter some sweet sentiment about making memories and other feel-good goodness.

Enjoy your weekend.